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"Laura is a kind, loving, gentle gift to the children that she cares for. She has been an answer to prayer for my family. She is flexible and child-centered; children learn boundaries and how to treat one another with respect."
Danya and Kenna's Mom

"My children and I have been blessed by the quality of care at My Father's Garden. Laura has the perfect personality mix for this profession. She is patient, attentive, caring, and thoughtful. It is so refreshing to see children learning love by example."
Mary Anne, Jessica, and Michael's Mom

"When my daughter turned 3 I realized I needed help giving her creative outlets and raising her social skills. I was refered to Laura through a friend and I've never regreted it. You'll find her school caring,creative and resourceful. As parents we all want to to do the best we can in suppling our kids with positive environments and this is one of the best."
Autumn and Marissa's Mom

"As a Montessori enthusiast, I was very impressed with the way the environment was set up and the constant attention to detail in everything Laura did for my child. This is a wonderful setting for every child. My Fathers Garden was more of a preschool than a day care. Vegas enjoyed the warm, loving atmosphere provided by Laura. With Laura, she was able to explore the outdoors daily, play with a large variety of toys, and meet new friends. I appreciated the wide variety of meals offered and the affordability. I would recommend Laura to anyone. (and I have!!!)"
Vegas's Mom

"Laura Gibbs has been taking care of our son Dalton for a little over a year now. Dalton will soon be 5 and he has learned much in the past year. He has been blessed with a very genuine, loving person for a teacher and day care giver. Dalton refers to Laura as both auntie and teacher Laura. She is thorough in her teaching and very safe with our son and the other children that she takes care of. We searched long and hard for someone that could take care of our son the way that she has. Both my wife and I highly recommend Laura Gibbs a.k.a. "auntie Laura" to anybody who is in search of a gifted and thoughtful care giver for their children."
Dalton's Mom and Dad

"Words cannot describe the care that Laura gives to my son. He is well taken care of both physically and mentally while in Laura's care. She provides excellent home cooked meals, learning time, play time, quiet time, and all the in-between time. My son has been with Laura since he was 8 weeks old. He is now almost 20 months old. There has not been a time where I have felt uncomfortable or uneasy in dropping him off in the mornings. Laura is patient, gentle, and has so much to offer our little ones. I would highly recommend bringing your little ones to My Father's Garden Daycare. You and your child/ren will benefit in so many ways!!"
Tanner's Mom

"Auntie Laura is a very loving, caring and patient care giver. My son Wyatt has PDD-NOS, a high functioning form of Autism. She encouraged, but never pushed potty training. She assisted in morning Sensory Therapy exercises. The Montessori method is so helpful for him, because of all the multi-sensory activities Auntie Laura offers. She never complained when he got soaked outside from jumping in puddles, or when he wept bitterly at her delicious food that was not chicken nuggets and bananas. He loves to come to her house even now that he is in school. She is still a special "safe place" where he can explore, be himself and be loved. We are so blessed to have her in our lives."
Alan and Wyatt's Mom

Other references available upon request.

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