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When it comes to childcare, trust and experience are very important.

You want an environment that is inviting, without feeling overwhelming. As a parent, I know how it feels to want quality care without having to pay a premium price. Having been in the childcare field for many years, I have tried to take the best of what I have seen and blend it together to create a setting that is pleasing to both parent and child.

It is our goal to be positive role models for the children in our care. In this way, children are given living examples of what they are being taught. At My Father's Garden Preschool & Childcare, LLC, children are taught to be thoughtful about the resources they use. One of the ways this is demonstrated has been for us to "go green." We are transitioning to the use of cloth diapers, (with a compostable/natural diaper to wear home,) and we use washcloths to dry hands rather than paper towels. These items are laundered using a high-efficiency washing machine and clothes dryer. We also use safe cleaning products in our home and classroom environment. I am working with Green Seal to develop industry standards for "green" childcare centers.

Additionally, our family is passionate about health and nutrition. It is our pleasure to pass this affection along to the children in our care. Meals are served family-style, allowing the children to learn self-service and appropriate portions. We all join hands and pray before each meal, creating many special moments for us. It is a rarity for prepared foods to be served, as I really enjoy cooking. Just about all of the food that is served has been carefully (and safely) made from scratch. Children are served whole grains, a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, and quality meats. We make it a practice not to serve hydrogenated oils or highly processed foods, and serve organic foods when we can. Children are often involved in age-appropriate food preparation tasks, which they really enjoy. We use these opportunities to teach safety in the kitchen, as well as basic cooking techniques. We pay close attention to what their favorite foods are and try to serve them often.

Explore the rest of the site and consider whether My Father's Garden Preschool & Childcare, LLC is the right preschool for your family. And if you have any questions at all, please use the "contact me" link to the left to send me an email.


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